Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dark-necked Tailorbird

Perenjak Neck Black (Dark-necked Tailorbird)

A female, one look, kind Perenjak Banana (Common Tailorbird) sake only.


Perenjak Leher Hitam
Dark-necked Tailorbird
Orthotomus atrogularis

Perenjak Pisang @ Common Tailorbird
Perenjak Pisang
Common Tailorbird/Long-tailed Tailorbird
Orthotomus sutorius

Perenjak Neck Black males prefer to be identified with a portion of a clearly visible black neck.

some interesting action
The best views to see the black portion on the neck, unfortunately blurry picture, Bird perenjak is very active.

Let's look at the actions of stretch

Stretching the legs and tail .. eeewah!

Stretch the wing also .. hhe..

Black Neck Perenjak ni can be found at the edge of low land forest.

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  1. Thanks or this collection of birds i like your site, its so intresting.


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